We deliver value. Expertise in delivering Structural, Civil and Hydraulic Engineering services to a wide-range of industries all across Australia and overseas.
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Civil Engineering

Our team brings commercial understanding and strong attention to detail to all projects. Having a commercial understanding of property developments helps us find practical solutions to support our clients. Attention to detail for each project can mean the difference between an economical and successful project and one not viable.

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Structural Engineering

We have an outstanding reputation in Structural Engineering for complex projects. We’ve built this reputation through combining our teams’ problem-solving skills with a strong understanding of Australian Standards to deliver sustainable solutions to our clients.

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Hydraulic Engineering

We provide hydraulic design services for single site projects or multiple developments. We cover hydraulic aspects of design such as roof drainage, house drainage, water reticulation and stormwater management. We offer comprehensive yet simple planning, design and documentation to our clients in order to seek the most efficient long-term solutions and to develop coordinated project outcomes.

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We are pre-qualified to carry out planning and design engineering services of Infrastructure projects for the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Government Departments and Local Government Authorities. Our team has thorough knowledge and understanding of Main Roads, Austroads and Local Council design standards and is made up of some past government employees.

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Sustainable Engineering

Green buildings are becoming more popular as people see the immediate and ongoing value of choosing “green”. Designs are considering energy efficiency, air quality and natural lighting. Designs also consider sustainable building materials and approaches. Our team has expertise in sustainable engineering and construction.

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Project Planning

We are not just an engineering firm, we pride ourselves in hiring and retaining people who can provide a wider range of services to assist our clients. Along with engineering and technical qualifications we value broad-cross industry experience, project management skills and qualifications and interpersonal and communication skills. Our team therefore provide a holistic approach to solving complex issues, communicate and coordinate with project teams, and offer valuable high-quality service to our clients.