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Engineers without Borders Volunteer

Bernadette McCormack was recently accepted as an Engineers without Borders volunteer. She will be kindly volunteering her time to review student engineering reports. Our team are always trying to encourage young adults to pursue a career in engineering; and provide young engineers with mentoring and work experience. Congratulations Bernadette and thank you for supporting the […]

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New Standard of Accountability for Developers

New Standard of Accountability for Developers A recent agreement between Sydney developer, Toplace, and buyers of the Skyview Towers complex, may set a new standard of accountability for developers. Toplace has agreed to be liable for structural defects for Skyview Towers for the next 20 years. The NSW Building Commissioner conducted a review and advised […]

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Daniel Mccallum

Get to know Daniel McCallum

Daniel McCallum is one of our Structural Engineers. Dan leads our Suncorp inspections and has been involved in many iconic projects in our region. How long have you worked at Kehoe Myers? Coming up on 9 years. What drew you to Engineering? The challenge of designing and constructing something from basic materials. As a kid, […]

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A Man Speaking in Front — Professional Engineering Consultants in Toowoomba, QLD

Terry Kehoe’s Retirement & KMs 30 Year Celebration

We were delighted to jointly celebrate Terry’s retirement and Kehoe Myers 30 Years! On Friday 14 May, we held a small celebration at the Downs Club Toowoomba. Terry spoke briefly of his career history and the formation of Kehoe Myers. Terry has been involved in many iconic projects in the region, including Wellcamp Airport and […]

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Paper co-authored by Bjorn Jachmann

Bjorn Jachmann is widely referred to as a leader in engineering composite fibre in construction. Bjorn recently co-authored a paper “Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bars for Concrete Structures: State-of-the-Practice in Australia”. This paper is part of the Journal of Composites for Construction published by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The abstract of this paper has been provided […]

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Get to know Grant…

Grant Parker has just celebrated his first year as a Director of Kehoe Myers Consulting Engineers. To celebrate, we wanted to give you the opportunity to learn a little more about Grant. What do you enjoy about being an Engineer? ‘The satisfaction when I see the finished product is like no other. I enjoy working […]

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The Evolution of Kehoe Myers

Kehoe Myers has been going through changes behind-the-scenes. These changes include: A new Director and Leadership Team New technology to support our team New project delivery processes emphasising communication New project coordination roles to support our clients and engineers with project delivery New modernised office renovations (work-in-progress) A flexible and adaptable approach to project delivery […]

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Kehoe Myers delivering Feasibility Studies

Kehoe Myers has a multi-disciplined team working together on a range of projects at different project phases from concept through to construction. Some of these projects are not purely engineering based. For example, our team delivers early stage feasibility studies, options analysis, project cost/benefit assessments and business case development. For the Queensland Government’s Maturing the […]

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2020 – The year to remember…

2020 is turning into a year to remember! Our year began with devastating nation-wide bushfires, and now we’re all trying to manage this global pandemic. Kehoe Myers, like many businesses, has had to adapt to the ever-changing health, political and economic climate. The majority of our team are working-from-home, and we’ve introduced many new policies […]

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Team Profile – Bjorn’s Global Experience

Have you met Bjorn Jachmann, one of our Directors? Our team comes from diverse backgrounds with experience on a large spectrum of projects. Bjorn’s experience spans multiple countries and some very interesting projects. Bjorn started his career in Germany. Some of his most notable projects include a large research centre for a hospital, the new […]

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