Mid-Rise Timber Buildings

Did you know…

The Australian Government introduced regulations allowing timber framing in mid-rise buildings.

Mid-rise Buildings are typically classified as 4 to 8 storeys with a maximum height of 25 metres.

Timber construction provides many benefits, including:

  • Lower construction costs;
  • Faster construction;
  • Easier construction – less traffic, noise and dust;
  • Lighter structures allow reduced foundations and footings for taller buildings;
  • Lower environmental impacts than steel or concrete; and
  • Timber stores carbon dioxide and is a renewable resource.

There are some restrictions and additional requirements using timber in mid-rise construction. For example, sprinkler systems are a requirement for fire safety. We believe the benefits provide a very attractive alternative to steel or concrete buildings.

If you’re interested in using timber framing for your next mid-rise development, contact our Structural Team today. We assist in determining eligibility, provide options and explain the benefits of using timber.

(Photo above courtesy of Wood Solutions – www.woodsolutions.com.au)