Kilalah Park Land Development

Kehoe Myers is proud to be involved in the development of Kilalah Park Estate. Kilalah Park state is a residential land subdivision off Kratzke Road in Highfields. It is an 8 stage development delivering 202 lots into the bustling Highfields centre. This development is sure to be a success given its close proximity to local schools and the shopping centre.

Large-scale land subdivisions pose many challenges. For Kilalah Park Estate, the delivery of large trunk infrastructure whilst keeping the development economical required careful consideration by our team. A large set of playing fields/ovals acting as stormwater detention basins contributes a significant amount of runoff towards the development.

Our team were also able to turn a major natural gully receiving these flows into a useable amenity with the design of a permanent wetland area and play park. The wetland area provides both water quality treatment and visually pleasing surrounding parkland and fully landscaped play areas.

Stage 1, recently completed, consisted of 31 lots ranging in size from 562m2 to 963m2. Stage 2 of Kilalah Park is due to be delivered in 2019.

Our team is looking forward to supporting our client through the remaining stages of this impressive land development.