2020 – The year to remember…

2020 is turning into a year to remember! Our year began with devastating nation-wide bushfires, and now we’re all trying to manage this global pandemic.

Kehoe Myers, like many businesses, has had to adapt to the ever-changing health, political and economic climate. The majority of our team are working-from-home, and we’ve introduced many new policies and procedures to keep our team safe.

The current climate is both mentally and economically challenging, however “in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity“. We’re using this opportunity to prepare, and so are many of our clients. Have you been considering a refurbishment of your commercial premises? Or, have you always wondered about developing that vacant block of land? Now is the opportunity to discuss the feasibility of your next project, and commence the design and approval process.

Australia’s response to the COVID-19 virus has been swift, and will result in a fast bounce-back to the economy. Our team are preparing for a bright second half to 2020, including an exciting (yet subtle) rebrand. We encourage our clients and colleagues to start their planning of projects, and remain optimistic that 2020 will be a year to remember, but not all negative!