The Evolution of Kehoe Myers

Kehoe Myers has been going through changes behind-the-scenes. These changes include:

    • A new Director and Leadership Team
    • New technology to support our team
    • New project delivery processes emphasising communication
    • New project coordination roles to support our clients and engineers with project delivery
    • New modernised office renovations (work-in-progress)
    • A flexible and adaptable approach to project delivery
    • Environmentally sustainable policy changes

To celebrate these changes, we’ve undertaken a slight rebrand. Our logo font, colour and shape have changed slightly to highlight our transition to a newer modern firm whilst maintaining the strong, well-regarded reputation of our brand. You may also notice other logos throughout our material as we now have a suite of logos to support our marketing efforts.

We continue to operate under the same set of principles – To deliver:

    • Quality Engineering;
    • Innovative, targeted design solutions; and
    • Responsive service with high-level communication.

You will notice graphics on our branded material that represent an extension of our logo. These graphics personify the consistency we strive for in our work. Our clients know what to expect with Kehoe Myers – Quality engineering, consistency, and high communication!

These are just the start of our changes to the evolving Kehoe Myers. Stay tuned for further improvements in our project delivery, communication, a new website and our exciting reception and kitchen refurbishments.