Kehoe Myers Breakfast Seminar

On 9 February, Kehoe Myers in collaboration with Wagners, held an information breakfast on Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) and Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC).

The FRP building products are a sustainable, light weight alternative to steel and timber. It’s durable and can resist aggressive environments like marine environments and most chemicals. Currently it’s most used for boardwalks, pedestrian bridges, road bridges, and viewing platforms around the world.

EFC is a sustainable alternative to cement-based concrete. The production of cement is responsible for approximately 10% of the worldwide carbon emission. The carbon emission of EFC is 70% less compared to cement based concrete. The material properties are equal or better and it’s already used for large scale projects worldwide.

Thank you to Wagners for their informative presentations, and thank you to our clients who attended to hear about these innovative materials.